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Your mouth holds the key to the health of your entire body. The mouth will show many signs and symptoms of systemic disease before they are visible elsewhere. The clinical staff at Sprucewood Dental Associates is trained to recognize these signs and administer testing that can identify disease or potential areas of concern. Regular dental visits will not only help you maintain healthy teeth and gums, but can also help in prevention and early detection of serious health conditions to maintain overall optimal well being. Our Philosophy

My experience at Sprucewood has always been positive. Everyone in the practice is personable and very competent. If you are at all reluctant about coming to a dental appointment, you don’t need to be–they are reassuring and understanding.

Terence L.

Excellent! Welcoming, comfortable, professional, and pain free visit. Thanks so much!

Sima B.

Sprucewood Dental is great. Definitely highly recommended. Their staff are all extremely nice, and very professional.

Rex A.

Very welcoming and friendly staff. You will mostly miss the turn when driving there because it comes up on you fast.

Elliot Schneider

Very nice place – both professional and friendly – I actually look forward to my visits.

Peter Tourin

Wonderful place to get your teeth worked on!!

Adam L Tarr

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